TeleComputer Ingenjörsfirma C G Rumenius trades with own developed products and services in the computer area and developes TC (Thin-Client/server) applications and PSA (Professional Service Application) as an alternative to the traditional PC desktop solutions. TeleComputer offers easy access to companies' applications and provides clear cost-savings in administration, upgrading, support and management to all computer systems. Thin-Client/server computing technology adds a new life to your current PCs. For more information please contact the website,

Most application softwares of today are standard software packages designed for PC's and mainframes in a fixed format without Internet integration. In packet switching net applications where the software is available for anyone the standard format is of less importance.

The methods and tools for TC and PSA application development are MM (Moduling and Modelling) and Prototyping.

TeleComputer is owned by Carl Rumenius
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The company has been in the market for 20 years.

Prototyping 3.3 Save time with prototyping Datornytt 1991-09-22



Ekonomen 4/79 s. 42 Systematisering av kostnader och intäkter

Datavärlden 3/11-88 s. 42 Kalkylprogram att hyra per månad. Svensk dokumentation

Datavärlden 10/11-88 s. 38 Det finns sätt att undvika dimridåer

Datornytt 10/88 s. 26 Programmerad bokföring

Datornytt 5/5 1988 Bättre metoder ger säkrare system

Datornytt 10/89 Dokumentation av bokföringen ETT OSÄKERT KAPITEL

Datornytt 10/90 s. 22 Programmerad bokföring - dröm eller verklighet ?

Datornytt 9/91 s. 22 Spar tid med prototyping

Datateknik 4:1993 s. 73 OO slår inte MM MicroDatorn nr 4 1993 s. 12 Informera om alternativen

Stockholms universitet 1996 Systemdokumentation och behandlingshistorik

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